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    Blog — grandma t-shirt

    Show what you like about being a grandma with these high quality t-shirts.

    grandma t-shirtNo one can tell you what it feels like when your first grandchild comes along. And as a grandma you will know that awesome feeling as you first set eyes on your grandson or granddaughter. Maybe when you were younger the thought of being old enough to have grandchildren didn’t sit so well. However when you finally are privileged enough to become a paid up member of the grandparent’s community…. Well if you are one then you will know.

    ‘’Teedino’’ have a great range of grandma t-shirts so you can choose either one for yourself or, as they come in all sizes, get some for the grandchildren. If you have a look at the designs, there are some that will delight the grandchildren and slightly annoy the parents. Simply perfect!

    If, however, you are the type of grandma who isn’t particularly fond of winding up your children, there are loads more to choose from in this wonderful collection of t-shirts.

    And you don’t have to worry about the quality. Each one is made from thick one hundred percent cotton and wont shrink when washed. It’s got tough double stitching as well so you know that this is a quality product from which you will get years of use.

    Have a look at this great range of grandma t-shirts and make your decision from our extensive range.

    Check out the designs and color range here;