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    Refund policy


    We make every effort to ensure the quality of our products. As a commitment to our goal of meeting the highest quality standards, we offer a money-back guarantee, FREE returns and exchanges on garments that do not meet our quality standards.
    If you’re unsatisfied with products you purchased from Teedino, you can return your item(s) for FREE in the following cases:

    • You would like to exchange the item for different size or color;
    • Low quality print: the print washes away after a few cycles in the washing machine.
    • Printing error: the design printed is materially different from the order and artwork specifications provided to us.
    • Incorrect print specifications: the size or placement of the print is more than 1.0″ off from the provided measurements.
    • Missing garments: one or more garments are missing from the order.

    Please contact us within 28 days of ordering to request an exchange or refund and make sure to include a photo of the damage or quality .


    To file a claim please contact us

    If your claim is in regards to a printing error, please include photographs of the error and return the affected garments to us. In addition, if the error involves a print size or placement issue, include a measuring tape, stick, or ruler in the photographs of affected garments.

    Upon verification, we will provide refund equal to amount paid for the portion of the order that was incorrectly printed.


    Please contact us and we can discuss it.

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