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    Blog — dad t-shirt

    Proud to be a dad? This is where you get the t-shirt

    dad t-shirtThat day you hold your firstborn child for the first time and think “Oh my God what do I do now?’’ That is the first day you truly become a Dad. You quickly learn what it is to be a father. No sleep, no rest, no quiet. But you have a son or daughter and it feels good. You smile wearily as you realize they are with you for the rest of your life. And as life goes on they grow and walk, run or do gymnastics or play guitar or whatever. Suddenly you realize that you too have reached the rank of ‘Proud Father’

    Well it’s time to get the t-shirt! And this is where you look. This range of dad t-shirts are great quality (the sick comes off really easy in the wash) and you can wash them as many times as you want as the cotton fabric is pre-shrunk.

    If you are a new dad, you will be going through a whole gambit of emotions so there is a wide range of different slogans available , you can buy a few and wear whichever of the t-shirts is most relevant at the time.

    If you’re an old hand at being a dad there are plenty of t-shirts within this range for you and should see you through to being a grandad. Check out this great range of dad t-shirts today at;